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they say seeing is believing but i'd never swear to it

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50 foot wave, aimee mann, alicia witt, all about eve, andy goldsworthy, angela carter, apple computers, art in nature, autumn, being a bad influence, being needed, being right, belly, bernadette peters, bill bailey, blake babies, books, calvin and hobbes, cameras, chandelier crystal, chris thile, cocktails, cocteau twins, courtney love, cowboy junkies, cranes, creativity, crows, curve, danielle dax, dar williams, darling buds, dave carter, daydreaming, dreaming, dubstar, eddie izzard, elphaba, emily strange, everywhen, fat tulips, finding good hiding places, flowers, folk music, frances the badger, frank black, friends, g(a)linda, garbage, genuine friends, ginger snaps, girls, green skin, gregory maguire, hannah fury, histopathology, hole, holly warburton, hugs, idina menzel, informed judgement, intelligent conversation, intensity, into the woods, introspection, ipod, jane siberry, josh ritter, julianne moore, kate bush, kim deal, kittens, klimt, kris delmhorst, kristin chenoweth, kristin hersh, laughing, laura joffe numeroff, lilian hoban, little gay brandon, live music, liz phair, louise gluck, magic, magnolia, marge piercy, max and ruby, miranda richardson, nanci griffith, neko case, nerrisa and katryna nields, new yorker cartoons, nickel creek, nields, non-stereotypes, over the rhine, peanuts cartoons, peeling the easily peelable, penny candles, photography, pixies, playing, pointy hats, popguns, primitives, rachael sage, rasputina, reasonable expectations, red glass, red wine, renaissance, robotic lobsters, rosemary wells, sara watkins, sarcasm, secrets, speaking confidentially, steeleye span, stephen king, storytelling, strawberry story, suzanne vega, swarf, swimming in the sea, talking past midnight, tanya donelly, terry gilliam's brazil, terry pratchett, the breeders, the new pornographers, the pixies, the wizard of oz, thea gilmore, things that sparkle, this mortal coil, throwing muses, thunderstorms, tori amos, tracy grammer, twelve monkeys, uncle wrinkle, unpicking your brain's knots, west wing, wicked, wicked the musical, wickedness, wizard of oz
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